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$12.39  generic domain (gTLD)
.net    $12.39  generic domain (gTLD)
.org    $12.39  generic domain (gTLD)
.biz    $12.39  generic domain (gTLD)
.info   $12.39  generic domain (gTLD)
  $16.75  Sponsored TLD
  $16.75  register .at domain Austria
  $11.39  Belgian .be domain Belgium
.berlin $45.00
 New TLD (donuts)
  $29.75  register .bz domain Belize
  $12.95  Canadian .ca domain Canada
  $29.75  register .cc domain Cocos Island
.center $21.75
 New TLD (donuts)
  $25.75  register .ch domain Switzerland
.church $39.00
 New TLD (donuts)
 $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.click   $9.49
 New TLD (donuts)
 $19.75  New TLD (donuts)
  $35.75  register .co domain Colombia 
 $29.75  register domain New Zealand   $8.50  register domain United Kingdom $16.75  Australian .au domain Australia (bus.) $35.75  register domain China
  $42.75  register .cx domain Christmas Islands
  $25.75  register .cz domain Czech Republic
   $9.99  German .de domain Germany
  $16.75  register .dk domain Denmark
.email  $21.75
 New TLD (donuts)
  $14.75  register .es domain Spain
  $11.39  register .eu domain Europe $35.75  register .eu domain Europe
 $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
  $29.75  register .fi domain Finland
  $14.75  register .fr domain France
  $57.75  register .gl domain Greenland
  $16.75  register .gr domain Greece
  $57.75  register .gs domain South Georgia
 $25.75  New TLD (donuts)
  $57.75  register .hk domain Hong Kong
.hosting $35.75 New TLD (donuts)
.house  $35.75
 New TLD (donuts)  $21.75  Australian .au domain Australia (pers.)
  $14.75  register .in domain India
.institute $21.75
 New TLD (donuts)
  $88.00  register .is domain Iceland
  $11.39  register .it domain Italy
  $57.75  register .jp domain Japan $25.75  Korean domain Korea
  $35.75  register .lc domain Saint Lucia
  $25.75  register .li domain Liechtenstein

   $11.39  New TLD (donuts)
.london $45.00  New TLD (donuts)
  $25.75  register .lt domain Lithuania
.lu     $29.75  register .lu domain Luxembourg
.lv     $29.75  register .lv domain Latvia
.me     $21.75  register .me domain Montenegro   $8.50  British domain United Kingdom
.mobi   $25.75  Sponsored TLD
.ms     $57.75  register .ms domain Montserrat
.mx     $48.75  register .mx domain Mexico
.name   $12.39  generic domain (gTLD) $16.75  Australian .au domain Australia (bus.) $35.75  register domain China
.nl     $11.39  Dutch .nl domain Netherlands
.no     $25.75  register .no domain Norway
.nyc    $35.75  New TLD (New York)  $8.50  British domain United Kingdom
.ph     $57.75  register .ph domain Philippines
.photos $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.pics   $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.pl     $25.75  register .pl domain Poland
.pro    $16.75  register .pro domain TLD (professional)
.pt     $42.75  register .pt domain Portugal
.pw     $11.39  Palau (Profess. Web)
.rentals $39.00 New TLD (donuts)
.ro     $57.75  register .ro domain Romania
.ru     $11.39  register .ru domain Russia
.рф     $11.39  Россия .рф домена Russia (Cyrillic)
.se     $42.75  register .se domain Sweden
.services $35.75 New TLD (donuts)
.sexy   $24.75  New TLD (donuts)
.si     $29.75  register .si domain Slovenia
.social $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.support $21.75 New TLD (donuts)
.technology $21.75 New TLD (donuts)
.tel    $16.75  Sponsored TLD
.tips   $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.tk      $9.49  register .tk domain Tokelau
.today  $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.town   $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.trade  $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.tv     $57.75  register .tv domain Tuvalu, also TV
.tw     $57.75  register .tw domain Taiwan
.uk     $11.39  register domain United Kingdom
.us      $8.50  register .us domain United States $35.75  register .us domain United States
.wiki   $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.ws     $29.75  register .ws domain Samoa, or WebSite
.xxx    $88.00  Sponsored TLD
.xyz    $14.75  New TLD (donuts)

  .uk domain TRANSFERS from another registry: you must also submit a request to the losing registrar to retag the domain name to the ISP tag IDS-BS, either short before ordering the transfer here or short after.
**  .ca, .fr, .pro,, .asia, .ru, and some other domains have specific, sometimes complicated, registration requirements.

***  Some of the country level domains, such as .fr, require a legal residence in the country they belong to. However, for non-residents we offer "trustee services" for some of them, for an additional fee:
.de and .jp = free trustee service; .ca = no trustee service; some other ccTLDs = ask us!

****  .de registration rules: (a) the DENIC registry checks zones when attempting to register; that means you need to already have a HOSTING account set up for the domain you want to register, with the same nameservers you enter here for the registration; (b) nameserver IPs need to be in different sub-nets; (c) local presence in Germany—we automatically provide free trustee service if that is not the case.
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  • All registration and transfer fees are non-refundable (even if you mistyped the name). Sorry, but this is an instant process and service is provided with the registration process itself
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Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Registration Agreement 

Registering domains from our site requires you to agree to our Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Registration Agreement.

Billing Procedures: Domain Name Registration  

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express, Discover, Diners Club) as well as PayPal. The domain name registration fees are charged on your credit card immediately. These fees are not refundable and there is no 30 money-back guarantee.
(Please note that it will only take 5 minutes before your domain is active and accessible on the Web if you have entered the correct nameserver info while registering the domain. But it will take longer, up to 48 hours, if changing the nameserver info later.)



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